The wines that we have selected have been recommended by our vintner who has chosen a selection of fine wines from around the world that will tempt your palate and complement your choice of food.

White Wine

Peregrino Sauvignon Blanc.  – Chile Bottle £ 13.50
Zingy, crisp acidity packed with Granny Smith flavours 250ml £ 4.60
175ml £ 3.35
Cortestrada Pinot Grigio. – Italy Bottle £ 13.50
Fuller flavoured than most Pinot Grigios.  A delightful, generous fruity wine 250ml £ 4.60
175ml £ 3.35
Kleindal Bouquet Blanc – South Africa Bottle £ 13.50
Refreshing medium white wine with a nice fresh weight and good length 250ml £ 4.60
175ml £ 3.35
Euca Hill Chardonnay – Australia Bottle £ 13.50
Excellent medium bodied white wine with lovely lemon and lime flavours 250ml £ 4.60
175ml £ 3.35
Elegance Chablis  – France Bottle £ 17.95
A renowned grower producing excellent wine with the classic flavours flinty dry nature of Chablis
Otonal Blanco, Rioja – Spain Bottle £ 16.75
Fresh, fruity and lively wine. Great value

Red Wine

Cortestrada, Sangiovese – Italy Bottle £ 13.50
This great value wine is made form 100% Sangiovese from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy.  Pleasantly dry with a great bouquet showing floral note and complex, enough to be paired with road and grilled meats or cheeses. 250ml £ 4.60
175ml £ 3.35
Euca Hill, Shiraz – Australia Bottle £ 13.50
Rich and rounded with a nose reminiscent of blackberry and liquorice, warm flavours of pastille sweets, dark winter fruits and cracked pepper spice. 250ml £ 4.60
175ml £ 3.35
Rio Roca Merlot – Chile Bottle £ 13.50
A wonderful, deep ruby colour, packed with dried fruit aromas, such as figs and plums.  Soft ripe tannins give backbone to this medium bodied wine. 250ml £ 4.60
175ml £ 3.35
Pablo Cortez Malbec – Argentine Bottle £ 15.75
This ripe and lush Malbec combines a lively red colour, smooth tannins and red fruit flavours.
Mountbridge Reserve Shiraz – Australia Bottle £ 17.75
Medium bodied with soft, ripe fruit flavours and a characteristic hint of spice
Senorial Rioja – Spain Bottle £ 15.75
Flavours of black fruits and hints of spice and vanilla.  Classic Rioja made from Tempranillo and Garnacha

Rose Wine

San Giorgio Pinot Grigio Rose – Italy Bottle £ 13.50
Refreshingly light, with crisp flavours of ripe summer berry fruits and balanced acidity 250ml £ 4.60
175ml £ 3.35
Gold County Zinfandel Blush – California USA Bottle £ 13.50
Delightful, pale pink wine with flavours of summer fruits and a hint of sweetness on the finish 250ml £ 4.60
175ml £ 3.35

Sparkling Wine

Prosecco Treviso – Italy Bottle £ 19.50
Works well as an aperitif and is an ideal accompaniment to Italian food
Jules Feraud –  Champagne Bottle £ 30.00
An award winning, biscuity champagne of great quality, highly regarded for many years

Draught Ales

As well as our permanent portfolio (Stella, Stella 4%, Stella Black which is a premium beer brewed in Belgium and is only available in select outlets, Becks Vier,  Boddingtons Smooth, Landlord, Landlord Golden Best, Dizzy Blonde, Thatchers Cider & Guinness). We have a guest beer policy that changes beer after every barrel. Over the year we go through an awful lot of specialist ales including fantastic premium ales from micro-brewers such as:- Pictish, Little Valley, Bridestone,  Keelham Island, Caledonian and many more.